Free and open source encrypted chat for iOS.


ChatSecure v1.4 Released

In October we finished up v1.4 which includes XEP-0184 (delivery receipts), XEP-0085 (chat state) and a redesigned login screen. We have also been working on privacy-minded solutions to the lack of push messaging support (ChatSecure Push Server) as well as additional avenues for backgrounded sockets.

  • XEP-0184: Delivery receipts. This feature is in Gibberbot as well, which allows for clients to be notified when their messages are received by the other chat participant.
  • XEP-0085: Chat State. This feature allows users to see when other people are typing a message, and gives them the option to send those notifications as well.
  • Redesigned login screen: Completely refactored the login screen to be more extensible in the future. We also added a port field for custom XMPP servers.
  • ChatSecure Push Server: A working proof-of-concept server has been built, and we are now working on client integration, as well as other options to allow for long running background sockets.

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