Free and open source encrypted chat for iOS.


ChatSecure v1.3 Progress

I have been mainly working on UI / usability improvements and trying to iron out some persistent bugs. Here are the things that still need to be done before the 1.3 release:

  • Figure out how to properly downgrade conversation to plaintext (Ian’s explanation on the otr-dev mailing list wasn’t clear to me, so maybe Miron could be of help)
  • Hopefully this will fix the “missing messages” bug.
  • Rigorously test the security of the new password storage mechanism (uses iOS keychain)
  • Make the XMPP SSL certificate-checking options (hostname mismatch, or allowing self-signing) per-account, rather than global, and only for custom XMPP accounts.
  • Implement SSL cert verification if possible.
  • Fix the “multiple conversations with the same buddy” bug.